Bull X Capital is a long-term dollar-denominated hedge fund, focusing on public technology companies with high growth potential.

Our many years of experience enable us to identify long-term investment opportunities, while focusing on leading public companies traded for billions of dollars.

We believe that traditional investment managers, who focus on financial analyses and market movements, rather than on long-term effects and growth potential, often miss or do not understand opportunities stemming from innovation and a solid technological basis.

Since 2017, our investment process recognizes that real innovation and technology lead to companies’ economic efficiency, to expanding their operating segments, to increasing the number of technology consumers, and, naturally, constitute the basis for long-term growth.

Warren Buffett once said “If there is a lot of technology, we will not understand it.” This is where we come into the picture.

We believe that technological innovation and entrepreneurship are the key to growth.


The fund’s structure

The fund is an Israeli fund managed in dollars. Inflows and outflows from the intermediate account are denominated solely in dollars. The fund does not hedge currencies against the New Israeli Shekel or any other currency.


The fee model

The fund has in place a management fees mechanism , and a success fees mechanism.
The management fees are collected on a monthly basis, and the success fees are collected annually.


Investment and liquidity cycles

Investment in the fund, and withdrawal of funds therefrom, are carried out on a monthly basis through the fund’s administrator. The fund is considered a “liquid” fund; i.e., one may withdraw the investment funds on demand.



Profits of the limited partner (which invests in the fund) are taxed at the end of each year.

Tax withholding is carried out automatically out of the fund’s assets in accordance with the partner type (individual/company). The trustee handles the entire process, and the payments to the income tax authority. 


Reporting to the partners
Each limited partner is given access to the trustee’s portal, and is issued reports on a monthly basis. The reports provide data as to the total amount of investments, investment performances, management fees, monthly yields, and yields since the investment date.
A qualifying investor/company 
An individual
The total value of the liquid assets I own is higher than NIS 8,095,444.
— or — 
 My income in each of the last two years exceeds NIS 1,214,317, or the income of the family unit to which I belong exceeds NIS 1,821,475.
— or —
The total value of the liquid assets I own exceeds NIS 5,059,652, and my income in each of the last two years exceeds NIS 607,158, or the income of the family unit to which I belong exceeds NIS 910,737.
A company
We are a corporation, other than a corporation which was incorporated for the purpose of purchasing securities in this current offering, whose shareholders’ equity exceeds NIS 50 million. In this paragraph, “shareholders’ equity” – including, in accordance with foreign accounting principles, international accounting standards, and accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S.A., as defined in accordance with Sections 7(b)(1) and 36 of the Securities Law;
— or — 
We are a corporation fully-owned by investors listed in Section 15A(b) of the Securities Law, 1968 *.
*Please attach separate individuals’ statements of all shareholders.